Bar Jole 1930

barseppia-ridBar Jole, which has always been a reference point for tourist and mushrooms lovers, offers not only bar homemade icecream services, but an assortiment of Virginia macaroons and confictionary creations, to satisfy even the most discerning palates.
You can even find an historical showcase with the first macaroon’s boxes from early ‘900. You can all the “ L’Artigiana del Fungo” food preserves as, dried mushrooms, mushrooms in olive oil, stuffed chilly peppers, sauses, creams and so on.
Bar Jole offer you a range chose of grappa, Amaretto di Sassello liquor wine, chocolates and a lot of originals ideas for special presents.
Cards are also available for both the consortial zone in the municipal area (for mushrooms seekers).

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