Coffee, Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

Bar Jole offers to his customers, further the classical coffee, barley coffee and ginseng a range assortment of own production bar of chocolate, chocolates and Eraclea’s hot chocolates in several taste as white, strong, milk and many others like Calabria chilly peppers, orange and cinnamon, Sicily pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, Piemonte IGP hazelnut.

Eraclea’s cake cream: six rich desserts:

  • Cream of apple cake
  • Cream of panna cotta
  • Cream of zabajone
  • Cream of Pastiera Napoletana
  • Cream of lemon meringue
  • Cream of coconut cake

Bombardino Eraclea:cream of liquor and eggs, from the tradition the energy of this cream in four way: 

  • Bombardino without alcohol
  • Bombardino with alcohol
  • Bombardino with whipped cream
  • Bombardino with coffee and whipped cream

A wide choice of Teas and Herbals Teas Whittington: 

  • English breakfast: black Tea rich and full energy.
  • Earl Grey: black tea with Bergamot, exotic and aromatic.
  • Earl Grey Light: black tea decaffeinated with Bergamot, fragrant and relaxing.
  • Lemon: Refreshing and digestive lemon black tea.
  • Winter tea: black tea of cinnamon and cloves, aromatic and fragrant. Red fruits: fresh black tea with red berries.
  • Vanilla: black fragrant tea, adapted to all break for his vanilla flavour.
  • China green tea: green tea with the sent of the fresh herbs just cut

Fruits infusions:

  • Wood flavour: a magic and fragrant smell of little re berries.
  • Blue Berry Cherry: a fragrant blend where blueberry and cherry together herbs and fruits make the bland rich an fragrant.

Herbal infusions:

  • Moon Light: relaxing infusion of fennel helping you with your harmony.
  • Golden flowers: flower, balsamic, perfumed with characteristic flavour of Chamomile.

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